Two Jews, three opinions!

“Two Jews, three opinions.” 



2:28, 2:48, and 2:51 for the win!


7 thoughts on “Two Jews, three opinions!

    • It is a fun movie. I own Shalom Aleichem’s collection of Tevye stories (sometimes called the Jewish Mark Twain), which is what the movie is based on, but I haven’t had the chance to read them yet.

      I actually posted this more to share how I sort of approach the world, how I think about it, why I’m interested in literature, history, other cultures, all the different philosophical thoughts out there in the first place rather than just on a dogmatic emphasis on TRUTH or being CORRECT. I care more about different perspectives and exploring different ideas, and seeing smaller truths in sometimes contradictory perspectives, than in final truths. These two articles that elaborate: link 1 and link 2

      • That’s funny you mentioned that comment. The second half was a bit ornery which is uncharacteristic of most of my blogging comments. Let’s just say I’ve seen tildeb’s comments since I started blogging and I usually ignore them, but I got a bit too bothered by some of the things he was saying to Toad.

        I had watched your conversation with him after that and I agreed with everything you said.

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